Products - Special Supply of Plant and Equipment
BML Engineering Limited is the area sales representative of many reputable overseas manufacturers and suppliers of special engineering products. It acts as one stop shop for full range of water and wastewater treatment equipment of municipal treatment plant scale.

The main products that the company deals with include but not limiting to the following :

  • Ant Access (UK) full range of Handrails, Platforms, Staircases, Ladders & Fabrication. Choice of materials include Stainless steel grade 316L to provide the best possible corrosion resistance; Galvanised to BS EN ISO1461 or aluminium alloy grade 6082 T6 to BS EN 573 & BS EN 755
  • Biorem (Canada) De-odourizer of the biofilter & biotrickling type used mainly in wastewater treatment plants
  • CNBM Pipe (China) Full Range of Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings to BS545 & BS598
  • Ebara (Japan / China) centrifugal split casing pumps and vertical mixed flow pumps for Large Scale water pumping stations
  • Gorman-Rupp (USA) submersible and self-priming pumping equipment tailored to suit solid handling application
  • Ham Baker Limited (UK) fluid control equipment including penstocks, stoplogs and flap valves. Choices of material include Cast Iron, Stainless steel, "Coplastix" and also a wide selection of screens (coarse and fine). "Continuous Chain Raked Screen" for wastewater and "Traveling Band Screen" for seawater intake are the two best sellers
  • Hydro International (USA) full range of vortex flow control device, Grit Removal System – Headcell, Sludge Screens & Micro Screen
  • Hydromarque (UK) - Full support (including replacement pumps, spare parts supply and servicing) will continue for past generations and most models of Wallwin Pumps, Wallwin Robot Pumps, Biwater Pumps and Gilkes (Wallwin) Pumps. The most recent generation of Wallwin Submersible Pumps (dry and wet well arrangements) is now known as the Gorman-Rupp JW Series
  • Indar (Spain) Axial Flow Pumps, Submersible Pumps & Motors and High Voltage Pumps for Sewage, Stormwater & Water application
  • Spaans Babcock (Holland) Archimedes screw pumps and Bormet fine screens
  • SPIRAC (Australia & UK) Screening, Grit, Sludge handling solutions, full range of screens, grit removal equipment conveyors and compactors etc
  • Teekay (UK) Couplings, flange adaptors, dismantling joints, repair clamps and expansion Joints
  • Varley Hydraulics (UK) electro – hydraulic fail safe unit or portable actuators for use with penstocks or valves
  • Warren Morrison (UK) Full range of diagram and full bore pinch valves
  • Zenit (Italy) Full range of Submersible Pumps